About Me

Hi there, adventurer!

The coast is a special place where water and earth meet, and humans have been drawn to the shoreline for thousands of years. I’m Tori, and it’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed with the coast. And I have the feeling you might be, too.

I’m a Long Island, New York native who grew up fishing and playing in the Atlantic Ocean. I moved to Long Beach, California after college to work at the Port of Los Angeles. I loved SoCal, but ended up commissioning in the Coast Guard in 2022 and getting stationed on the (much colder, but still incredible) northern Oregon Coast.

Living in three extremely different coastal locations has only solidified my love for places where sea meets land, and I’m here to help people plan their visits (or moves!) to coastal destinations near and far.

And moving across the country has shown me how important it is to try to feel at home wherever you go – whether it’s by choice or by military orders. Immersing myself completely in each new place helps me feel like I belong – like a local on the coast – and I want you to feel comfortable wherever you end up, too.

I’m also on a mission to find the best clam chowder on the planet – recommendations always welcome!

Happy exploring!

xx Tori