5 Travel Essentials For Visiting Astoria, Oregon (in 2024)

The Astoria-Megler Bridge above the Columbia River just after sunrise.

Visiting Astoria, Oregon, means you should be prepared to explore all this town has to offer – rain or shine. While the weather here can be gloomy, your adventure doesn’t have to be. When you come to Astoria prepared for rain and wind, you’ll be able to explore outdoor and indoor attractions alike.

Here are some travel essentials that will help you enjoy your time in Astoria, no matter the weather!

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Travel Essentials for Astoria, Oregon

Rain Jacket

Author wearing coral pink rain jacket, smiling in front of a USCG sign about the Columbia River Bar.
Rain jacket by Charles River Apparel, hair by excessive wind and rain.

In my humble opinion, a rain jacket is the single most important thing you can have in Astoria. Having a trusty rain jacket means rainy days can’t stop you from exploring. You can still hike, stroll along the river walk, and even take in the views from the top of the Astoria Column.

I found my Charles River Apparel rain jacket online four years ago for a price I couldn’t pass up, and it’s still in great shape. It wards off the Astoria rain and keeps me dry during forest hikes, razor clamming expeditions, and everything in between. My OG jacket is coral pink, but I’ve since ordered two more in navy and pearl ivory. P.S. – the pockets zip closed!

Water Resistant Day Pack

Girl, your bag is super cute – but rainy weather can probably soak through it and get all its contents wet. Transfer your stuff into a lightweight, water resistant day pack or backpack to keep everything dry. Packs like these are also perfect for day hikes, like the trail to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

Waterproof Phone Case

Confession: when I first moved here, I would zip my phone into a plastic sandwich bag before going for a run or hike to keep it dry. Effective? Yes. Bad system? Also yes. I’ve since upgraded to a lightweight waterproof phone case that works far better and sounds much less crinkly.

Fleece Liner

Rain jackets and fleece liners go together like clams and chowder. While your rain jacket will keep you dry, wearing a light fleece liner underneath will keep you warm, too. Plus, you can wear it without the rain jacket on dry days to stay cozy.

Rain Boots

Glossy black rain boots against a white background, perfect to wear when visiting Astoria, Oregon.
My classic glossy black rain boots, always with a hint of mud on them.

Whether you’re traipsing through downtown or hitting the trails, a pair of rain boots goes a long way when visiting Astoria, Oregon. They’ll keep your feet dry, and prevent the bottoms of your pants from getting dragged through puddles and mud.

Hunter rain boots are my go-to, but they can be expensive. I bought mine on Poshmark (an app where you can buy clothes secondhand), which I highly recommend if you don’t mind wearing used boots! If you want to buy them new, you can browse all their styles here. In general, the shorter the boots, the more affordable they are!

So there you have it – if you’re ready for rain, you’re ready to explore Astoria! If you’re really confident in your rain boots, head over the bridge to the coast and try your luck at digging razor clams.

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